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Posted by Blu on April 5, 2008


I first saw this kid in a movie called HOLES (2003) starring JON VOIGHT, SIGOURNEY WEAVER, & SHIA LA BEOUF back in 2003. Before that he was in ICE CUBE’S FRIDAY AFTER NEXT (2002). The following year he was in WALKING TALL (2004) starring DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON & JOHNNY KNOXVILLE. In 2005, he starred opposite BOW WOW in ROLL BOUNCE, and I hadn’t seen him since.


Now I know his fans are gonna be looking at me funny, but I don’t keep up with BOW WOW, so I had no clue that the two had hooked up after being on the set of ROLL BOUNCE & KHLEO became his official weed carrier [1] hypeman. With that being said,(to me) KHLEO has been M.I.A. since 2005.

Production Stills FROM “ROLL BOUNCE”

KHLEO & BOW WOW @ the premiere of “ROLL BOUNCE”

Check under the cut to see what the kid’s been up to.
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